As you know, we like to test a lot here at We have tested almost every enlargement product that we have managed get our hands on. One day in our office, we had an idea…

It wasn’t a dumb idea. Yet, it wasn’t as smart as we felt it was at the time. High-fiving, backslapping and general mutterings of, ‘Brilliant! and, ‘Genius!’ were heard throughout the office.

What happened?

We had the idea to test a few enlargement products at the same time. Sounds simple enough, right?

Sure. Yet this led to the most rigorous, advanced testing we’d ever attempted. By adding more variables (pill A or pill B & extender C or extender D) we had many more tests to conduct than we first expected.

However, we discovered the best combinations to increase your penis size. We found that most stacks are only as strong as the strongest product in the stack. But there were a few instances where real growth shot up.

Before I tell you what the best stack is, let’s go into penis enlargement stacks. If you want to skip down to the meat, click here…

What is a penis enlargement stack?

A penis enlargement stack is a stack of different methods to speed up the growth of your penis. The term ‘stack’ or ‘staking’ is taken from the Nootropics arena - these are smart drugs that enhance brain function. This site is focused on penis size enhancement and penis function. However, we can stack different methods for better results. What we’ve done at, which I haven’t seen done anywhere else, is to stack different methods at the same time, test them and then find the optimum stack to increase your size faster and to get a bigger end result.

To do this, we don’t rely on just one person’s results. Hell, we don’t just rely on 4 people’s results. Instead, we test them in-house, by me (Harry), Miles, Rupert and Graham. Then, if - and only if - they work for all of us, we use our mailing list to test further. Our mailing list is huge, so when we test with all of the men on there, we can be sure that the results are statistically significant. (That’s a scientific term to determine that they’ll work for most people most of the time…)

There are many different variations of penis enlargement stacks that we’ve tested. And we mix different solutions, like programs, pumps, pills etc. And because we test on so many men, we can be sure what works and test which stacks are the most effective.

What is the best penis enlargement stack that works?

We came up with a name for our best penis enlargement stack. We called it the Holy Trinity!

The Holy Trinity is a combination of three different methods that, when used together, are dynamite for increasing your size. Yet, they don’t just increase your size. They also improve your sexual function, your stamina (slightly) and vastly improve mens’ happiness with their sex drive and penis.

How We Test The Best Penis Enlargement Stacks...


As I said, first we test them in-house. Then we test them with our mailing list. This all produces a ton of data that we use to determine the best stack for getting your penis bigger.

We’re passionate about finding the best ways to reach the size goals that you truly desire. And this has led us to move heaven and earth, and to jump through a huge amount of hoops to be able to find out the results for ourselves, and to share them with the world.

And we’ve messed up loads too. We’ve tried many combinations that are useless and don’t work one little bit. But that’s ok. Because on this site, we only share the stacks that do work. These are the ones that have been shown to work repeatedly. And it’s my pleasure to share these with you today.

The Holy Trinity - World’s Best Penis Enlargement Stack


Over 3,500 people have tested this enlargement stack. It’s the most popular thing we’ve ever tested for a simple reason - word spread that it works like gangbusters.

This is therefore the most certain we’ve been about a product on this site. Yet, this isn’t one product. It’s a combination of 3 products. And when you use all three simultaneously, you get growth that you would never have imagined possible…

1, Penis Enlargement Remedy

The Penis Enlargement Remedy, when followed to the letter, is the foundation on modern penis enlargement. None of the other enlargement products out there come close. We know, because we’ve measured the results of thousands of men.

PE Remedy makes so much sense. Stem cells are being used in science to reverse with Alzheimer’s disease.


Because it creates new brain cells… Stem cells are incredible. That’s why harnessing them to make your penis bigger works so well.

2, Hydromax Pump

When you pump with the Hydromax for 15 minutes a day while using Penis Enlargement Remedy two things happen. First, you don’t have to follow the penis exercises anymore. You can just pump.

Secondly, you see a growth spurt in your penis that is like nothing we’ve ever seen or recorded in the years that we’ve tested penis enlargement.

Improvement: 62%

3, NeoSize XL

NeoSize XL is the best penis enlargement pill on the market for girth growth. As you want to be the best lover imaginable, this is really important.

When we tested NeoSize XL with the Penis Enlargement Remedy and the Hydromax pump, growth increased by 21%.

Should you use the Holy Trinity?

The answer is a resounding yes, with a few cautionary notes. This works. You will reach your goal size in 6 months. That’s the positive news.

The one negative that pisses some people off is the expense. You have to shell out hundreds of bucks. There is a semi-solution to this…

…You can use the Penis Enlargement Remedy and Hydromax pump without using the NeoSize XL. In an ideal world you’d use all three, but the combination of Penis Enlargement Remedy and Hydromax pump is where the real power of this lies.

Results of The Holy Trinity Enlargement Stack

For this review, we’re going to show you the results of using Penis Enlargement Remedy and Hydromax as a stack. And we’re going to include NeoSize XL as an add-on.

The reason why NeoSize tablets are an add-on is because they have a continued cost. You have to pay for every pill you take.
The other two (the Hydromax water pump and Penis Enlargement Remedy) have one upfront fee, then you don’t have to keep investing. For that reason, we’ve separated the stack into 2 parts.

How Many People Took Part In The Holy Trinity Test

For the first part, where it was all 3 products, 3,509 men took part. We then ran the test again without the NeoSize XL penis pills and a further 1,283 people took part.

We can now show, with accuracy, how well these stacks work.

6 Month Results Using Single Methods vs. 2-Method Stack vs. Holy Trinity

The reason why the Hydromax works so well with the Penis Enlargement Remedy system is because it optimizes one of the three phases that PE Remedy uses to cause growth.

The penis exercises section, which in the PE Remedy is simply done using your hands, isn’t nearly as efficient as replacing those hand exercises with the Hydromax X-Series penis pump.

Average Penis Length Growth Comparison

The difference, as you can see from a side-by-side comparison.

The Hydromax alone causes 1.17 inches of growth in six months.
The Penis Enlargement Remedy alone causes 1.62 inches of growth in six months.

The PE Remedy & Hydromax Stack causes 2.62 inches of growth in 6 months.

And the Holy Trinity - PE Remedy, Hydromax & NeoSize XL - causes 3.17 inches of growth in six months.

That’s astonishing.

Average Penis Girth Growth Comparison

Here you can see the power of stacking methods of enlargement once again. The girth gains over a six month period show how effective this method is.

Again, we’ve broken down the Hydromax; the Penis Enlargement Remedy; a stack containing both of those; then the Holy Trinity.

As you can see, 6 months use of these methods causes results.

The Hydromax causes 0.39 inches of growth in six months.
The Penis Enlargement Remedy causes 0.64 inches of growth in six months.

The PE Remedy & Hydromax Stack causes 1.03 inches of growth in 6 months.

And the Holy Trinity causes 1.25 inches of growth in six months.

REMEMBER: Girth is much more significant in terms of pleasure that you give to a woman. This is why we believe the PE Remedy & Hydromax stack causing over 1 inch of growth is so vitally important to men around the world. And the Holy Trinity causing 1.25 inches of growth in 6 months is a complete game-changer in this field.

We’ve had a treasure-trove of men who have thanked us, offered to work for us, even offered to pay us because of penis enlargement stacking. Discovering it wasn’t the important thing though. Discovering what works best was vital for us.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Comparison

The reason why we know that the Hydromax penis pump and the Penis Enlargement Remedy system are so powerful is because the month-on-month growth (over a 6 month period) always increases.
There must be something fundamentally better about these products than the other ones we’ve tested. Even the other products that work usually have a dip in month-on-month growth after month 4 or 5.

With these products and these stacks, we see growth that appears exponential. Now, obviously, exponential penis enlargement is impossible. We’re running a new test to see when it falters. However, it strongly shows 6 months of increasing growth.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Comparison

The girth growth also appears exponential. Please note, the PE Remedy and the Hydromax are the only two products we’ve ever tested where each month delivers stronger growth than the month before (over a 6 month period.)

Again, we see impressive growth for all of these products and stacks.

The graphs speak for themselves here. We clearly see that stacking is more impressive than single product use. I’ll stress that the two main products in question are two of the best we’ve ever tested.

Worst Performing Growth

For these two sections - Worst Performing Growth & Best Performing Growth - we’re only going to look at the PE Remedy & Hydromax stack and the Holy Trinity stack.

The worst performing growth of the Holy Trinity stack was 68 people who saw under 0.75 inches of growth in length. And 73 people who saw under 0.3 inches in girth. That’s just under and just over 2% of all men tested, respectively.

As for the Penis Enlargement Remedy & Hydromax stack, 18 men saw growth of less than 0.6 inches in length. 15 men saw girth gains of under 0.25 inches.

Best Performing Growth

The best performing growth for the Holy Trinity was a man who grew by 4.5 inches in length. This is clearly phenomenal. 93 men broke the 4 inch barrier.

87 men broke 2 inches in penis girth on the Holy Trinity enlargement stack within 6 months.

For the PE Remedy/Hydromax pump stack, 44 men grew by over 3.5 inches. Again, this is crazy!

And 51 men grew by over 1.75 inches in girth.

These are the kind of results that transform lives forever. Saving relationships, causing spikes of love, increasing confidence and making normal guys wonderfully abnormal!

Reported Side Effects of the Holy Trinity

Penis ache from growing quickly. This was experienced by 94 men. No other side effects were reported.

Is The Holy Trinity Safe To Use?

The data suggests that the Holy Trinity is safe. Penis ache from growth in just over 1% of men is a risk worth taking for such size gains. We recommend the Holy Trinity and the PE Remedy/Hydromax stacks.

How Much Do These Penis Enlargement Stacks Cost?

The breakdown of costs are as follows:

Penis Enlargement Remedy - $47
Hydromax X-Series Pump - $139.99 - $199
NeoSize XL 6 Month Supply - $239.95

The price of the Hydromax X-Series pump depends on your current penis size. If you want to get to 7 inches in length, get the Hydromax X30 (that’s $159.) If you want over 8 inches, get the Hydromax X40 ($199.)

Holy Trinity Prices:

4 inch goal size: $426.94
7 inch goal size: $445.95
8+ inch goal size: $485.95

Now, that’s very expensive for some people. If you have that spare cash lying around then go for it.
However, you have seen that you can still get great results without using the NeoSize XL pills.

Therefore, we’ve compiled the total fee when you exclude the pills. This PE Remedy & Hydromax stack is incredibly strong too. We believe it’s because the Hydromax is so much better at penis exercises than using just your hand.

Holy Trinity Enlargement Stack

We tested the Holy Trinity Stack on 3,509 men.

We gave it our first ever 5 stars, making it the most effective penis enlargement system we've ever tested.

Penis Enlargement Remedy & Hydromax Prices:

4 inch goal size: $186.99
7 inch goal size: $206
8+ inch goal size: $246

We believe that everyone should get at least the PE Remedy and Hydromax stack. This really is that powerful.

What’s the Deal with Delivery?

PE Remedy is a digital download, so delivery is instant. For Hydromax, expect it to take 3-5 working days. And for NeoSize XL you can expect it in 3-5 working days.

Was The Delivery Discreet?

For all three products, the packaging is discreet.

Holy Trinity - How Long To See Results?

All of these enlargement systems are relatively slow starters. People report best results after 2 months, then it really takes off.

How do I order PE Remedy, Hydromax & NeoSize XL?

To order the PE Remedy click here.

To order the NeoSize XL click here.

To order the Hydromax X-Series Pump, click the banner below.