There is a secret among penis enlargement aficionados that most people don’t know…

Pumps, under very specific conditions, when used continuously, can increase your penis size by an impressive amount. We were shocked when we discovered this. We believed that it wouldn’t be possible to get the kind of growth that makes you drag your lady to Victoria’s Secret, treat her to sexy red panties, tell her to put them on and then spend the evening showing her why you pulled out all the stops.

She’ll gasp when she sees that you’re bigger… When she feels your extra size… When she screams out your name in ecstasy…

And all that from the most high-tech penis pumps available today.

Yet, before I get into the specifics, there is a very important variable that you need to understand. This will reveal to you why some enlargement pumps work when others don’t. The reason is related to something that some Olympic sportspeople feel and others don’t.

What the hell am I talking about?

The effect of gravity on the damage caused to the human body. When you remove gravity these aches, pains and suppression in the body disappear. Suppression is an important word…

Imagine a place where your body isn’t suppressed. If you’re smart you’re thinking of Space - a gravity-free place when your body doesn’t have forces pushing it down. The other…

…The other is in water…

And water is the key to make penis pumps work. In an anti-gravity environment, penis enlargement is able to take hold. That’s why the Hydromax X Series are not only the only pumps we do recommend, but they’re the only pumps we would recommend…

So, here’s our review…

How Many People Tried The Hydromax X-Series Penis Pump?

The Hydromax Penis Enlargement Pump had a surprisingly large uptake among our loyal, dedicated members.

Considering we’ve recommended against penis enlargement pumps, because we’ve never before found one that causes long-term gains, we were pleasantly surprised that there was an uptake of 702 people for the original trial of this product.[Two things to note here. First, pumps have been know to give short-term increases of between 0.25 and 0.5 inches in length. For that reason they are a great way to increase your size right before you engage in sexual activity. Second, since we tested and confirmed that penis enlargement stacks increase the length and girth you can attain, and the speed at which that happens, lots of men have jumped on board and ordered a Hydromax pump. However, given that this study is statistically significant, we don’t see any need to amend it.]

6 Month Results Using Hydromax

Our team were all very surprised by the effectiveness of the Hydromax pump. We seriously expected it to go the way of the other pumps that we’ve tried. They all failed, long-term.

This pump is different. As you’ve read above, we believe this is because of water removing the force of gravity on the penis when it is being water-pumped.

The result shows that pumps are effective for making your penis bigger. As ever, it also disproves all of the scam websites which claim growth happens as quickly as 4-8 weeks.

For sustained penis enlargement, you need to use this pump at least once every two days, which is what we asked our 702 men to do.

The 6 month results look pretty strong. Let’s take a moment to dive into the numbers and see how much our loyal testers grew by…

Average Size Gains on Hydromax

In the 6 months that people used the Hydromax pump for, the average gains that they experienced were 1.17 inches in length and 0.39 inches in girth.

Clearly, penis girth growth is very impressive with the Hydromax. We also think that 1.17 inches of growth over 6 months is a decent length gain. So far, this is the only pump we’ve ever tested which saw such impressive increases over a 6 month period.

What makes this product super-powerful is when it is used as part of a penis enlargement stack. We believe that when you combine the Hydromax pump with Penis Enlargement Remedy, it accelerates and amplifies the growth that takes place.

That is why anyone who is serious about getting as big as humanly possible should incorporate Hydromax use with the three phases of the Penis Enlargement Remedy.

Our follow-up testing has confirmed that the Hydromax is far more powerful than the penis exercise section of the PE Remedy. We therefore believe that everyone should substitute the Hydromax pump in for the hand exercises that are recommended in that system.

Anyhow, let’s look at a breakdown of the penis length gains experienced by the 702 men who completed 6 months of using the Hydromax pump…

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using Hydromax

As with most of the other confirmed penis enlarging methods that we’ve tested, there is a peak of growth that takes place in month 4 using the Hydromax. The growth that we saw in month 4 was over 0.3 inches - 0.32” to be exact. That’s a very strong result from a single method of enlargement.

The second strongest month was actually month 6, which saw a quarter inch growth exactly. This in itself is an impressive single month size gain. However, month 5 was also very strong, with growth that was 0.01” less than month 6. The exact size gain was 0.24” for month 5.

In the first 2 months the size gain is only 0.19 inches. That represents both of those months combined. On the graph you can see the breakdown month-on-month. 0.8 inches for month 1 and 0.11 inches for month 2.

Again, as with all real penis enlargement experiments, this shows why people should stick with their enlargement program instead of quitting when they don’t believe they've seen growth in the first month or two.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using Hydromax

I think that the girth growth that men have experienced using Hydromax is more impressive than the length gains. Girth is a bigger differentiator to sexual performance than length is. And the girth size increases are significant here. It’s not too far away from being half an inch.

Yet that result alone isn’t just what matters. The graph is constantly rising for month-on-month girth growth. What that means is that girth expands when using the Hydromax pump. The best months for single-month girth gain during our test were - in order - month 6, month 5, then month 4.

This rising graph suggests that the Hydromax is probably a must-have penis girth expansion tool.

Sure, if your biggest goal is to look bigger, then maybe you should focus on length. Yet all women and all informed men know that feeling bigger is the thing that brings most sexual pleasure to women during sex.

Take a look at the graph now, just to see how pronounced the steps up are, in terms of month-on-month growth.

Hydromax Penis Pump

Hydromax is the only ever pump that we've recommended. It's the only one to pass our stringent tests. And that matters, because we've found a pump that you can use that really works.

The Hydromax is perfect for using with the PE Remedy. It does the exercises (1 phase of the Penis Enlargement Remedy system) far better than using your hand.

You can order it here:

Worst Performing Growth

A total of 15 people failed to grow by 0.25 inches in length. This is slightly over 2% of the 702 people who completed the 6 month test.

In terms of girth, a total of 22 people failed to gain 0.1 inches or more in girth.

Best Performing Growth

18 men achieved growth of over 2” in length when using the Hydromax pump for the full 6 months.

In terms of girth, 21 men saw girth increases of over 0.5 inches.

These results suggest that the Hydromax definitely should be explored as a way to get a bigger penis.

Sexual Function Results

The penis pumps that we’ve tested in the past have scored highly for sexual function in one sense. They are great for getting harder erection. This is limiting to some extent, because it requires you to pump right before sexual intercourse takes place.

There were also reports of men’s erections getting harder even without the use of the pump immediately before the erection occurs. What we believe is that pumps to improve blood flow around the penis.

The same results occur when using the Hydromax. For stronger, firmer erections the Hydromax pump does work.

Reported Side Effects of Using The Hydromax Pump

We had no negative reports from using the Hydromax pump. Unlike air pumps, which can cause blood vessels to burst under the skin, there were no reported similar effects when using the Hydromax pump.

Is Hydromax Safe To Use?

When you follow the instructions from the the Hydromax team, using the pump for just 15 minutes per day, you will be perfectly safe from any problems.

I imagine longer use might cause problems. Just stick to the recommended daily amount of use and you won’t run into any problems, as far as we’re aware.

How Much Does The Hydromax Cost?

The cost of the Hydromax depends on your size and the size you intend to be. At the cheap end you can get the Hydromax X20, which costs $139.99. And the most expensive is the Hydromax X40, which costs $199.

It’s also a sturdy piece of kit, as you’ll see when you open up yours and use it for the first time. We had no reports of breakage due to use.

How Long Should I Use Hydromax For?

As we’ve seen, the best results are attained after at least 4 months of use. We recommend using your Hydromax at least once every other day for 4 to 6 months.

That way, you’re likely to see the results that you’re truly after.

That said, you can keep using the Hydromax for as long as you wish until you reach the size that you are hoping to gain from using this system.

What’s the Deal with Delivery?

Because this is a physical product, you can choose faster shipping at a small cost. However, you can also get the Hydromax delivered for free if you are in mainland USA. Free shipping is an option.

If you’re in a rush then you can pay $12 to get faster delivery.

Was The Hydromax Delivery Discreet?

The packaging for the Hydromax is discreet. It arrives in a plain box. That’s exactly how we wanted it to be delivered.

Hydromax - How Long To See Results?

As you can see from the graphs above, it takes a few months to see any substantial results using a Hydromax.

Are There Hydromax Before & After Photos?

We haven’t seen any verified before and after photos from the makers of Hydromax. That said, we have had reports from our users that it works.

How do I order Hydromax?

To get your personal Hydromax pump, just visit this link - order your Hydromax here - and click on the “Order Now” button next to the Hydromax. The choose your size and fill in the order form.

Please note: We haven’t tested the other pumps on the site. If you buy one of those it may not work. That’s why I recommend just ordering the Hydromax, as that’s the one we’ve conducted a huge test on.

Get your Hydromax Pump here!

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