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Penis enlargement pills have been popular for decades because of the promise of popping something in your mouth and seeing a big change in your pants. However, knowing what to look for is tough, because a lot of the pills are filled with garbage. My first foray into male enhancement was using pills, so I have a very deep understanding about the products which work and the ones which don’t.

So now I’m going to share the penis pills that work!

At, we have testers who all try the solutions to see if they work. Once they work for all of us I use my mailing list as my second test center to discover if they work for most men. When new pills come out, I test them myself and if they work I share them with my list. If that all happens, I take all the results and discover the very best pills that work for growing your penis. Unlike other enlargement supplements, the best penis pills are very easy to deal with. But, there are so few that are any good, this whole space is a minefield. That’s why anyone interested in getting a bigger penis using pills needs to be very careful about exactly what they consume. Take the penis quiz now to find out what will work best for you:

The problem that we face, as guys who want to make our penises bigger, is that any company with a little capital can go to China and get dodgy pills made. This means that people sell junk.  And we don’t want to be taking junk, especially as it could really affect our bodies negatively. On the other hand, taking a good pill is a great way to grow your penis!

Therefore, we want something that’s trusted by doctors. Or even better, endorsed by Doctors. And, then, I need to have proven it worked on me, on the Reviews team and then on the guys in my mailing list. Once those things are done, then I share them. Not a moment before.

So, anything you see on this page works…

There are only a few pills I recommend. And they’ve been carefully used by me, by my team, and then used by between 612 and 6,207 of my followers. If they pass those tests then I share them with the world.

Penis Pills That Actually Work To Increase Size

First Penis Pill That Works - VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

We tested VigRX Plus with 6,207 men.

See how much they grew here:

Reviews & Results >

VigRX have been a market leader in the penis pill space for many years. When I first got the internet and started looking for enlargement solutions, VigRX was a big name player all the way back then.

However, the VigRX pill (not the VigRX Plus pill) was not excellent. It did increase my size, but only by 1 inch. And that wasn’t as much as I wanted. That’s why the standard VigRX doesn’t appear here.

Instead, I am sharing the VigRX Plus, because it’s been proven to work by myself AND the 6,207 guys on my mailing list who tried it. I’m grateful that they gave their time and effort to be part of the tests. But, more than that, I’m delighted about the results that they obtained from using this pill.

The VigRX pill alone can increase size by up to 2 inches (52 men in our VigRX Plus Results Test gained over 2.25 inches). You can really extend your growth by using the Holy Trinity. That’s the method that will really inspire huge gains to your penis for life.

Read detailed reports about the results for VigRX here.

The Lowdown On VigRX Plus

Is VigRX Plus easy to use?

Yeah, of course it is. It’s as simple as popping a pill. No more afterthought. No funny business. That’s it. You take a pill once every day and notice the changes taking effect.

Is it high quality?

In short, yes. If I had to use one pill for the rest of my life it would be this one. The thing about the company that makes these pills is that they have one of the most professional operations out there.

Do they use quality ingredients? Yes.
Do they have a clean factory? Yes.
Do they process the pills properly? Yes.

Because they answer yes to all three of those questions, they’re some of the best pills on the market. They are not perfect by any means, as I’ll discuss below. But they are a market leader for a reason. They deliver the results that people expect. And that’s why they’ve been a dominant force in the enlargement industry for years.

Are VigRX Plus pills for you?

These pills are for guys who seek the ease and convenience of pills before anything else. The best reason for taking them is that you don’t have to do anything else. (I do recommend using the Holy Trinity, which does include other things, but that’s because it’s proven to be so effective for growing your penis.)

If you’re lazy, or you never, ever get time to yourself then these would be my go-to product. If you can find half an hour to yourself, then I recommend the Trinity, which includes VigRX as part of the cocktail.

Get your supply here. It comes highly recommended.

Other experiences of VigRX Plus?

Others have seen significant growth using VigRX Plus pills. Of the 6,207 people who have used this product and reported back to me so far, the average increase in size is as follows:

After six months: Average increase - 1.15 inches in length & 0.45 inches in girth.

As you can see, when your body is full of all the ingredients in the VigRX Plus formula, growth jumps. That’s why I recommend a 3 month supply.

What are the pros of the product?

The pros are:
It increases your size
It increases your virility
It increases your erection strength
It’s Doctor endorsed
It’s been medically trialled in BioMed Central and reprinted in The US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health
Fast delivery

What are the cons of the product?

It takes time
While it does work alone, it’s better as part of a cocktail of enhancement
It costs money and the pills run out!

What alternatives are available, and how do they measure up?

I review two more products below. But, for my money, VigRX Plus is the best pill of its kind.

Is the product worth my money?

It is worth my money. I even bought a year-long supply a few years ago and I don’t regret it one little bit. I reached my goal-size, which is why I haven’t re-ordered.

Summary of VigRX Plus

Order this. If you want to implement the Holy Trinity, then use this alongside the other 2, and you’ll see how big you can grow.

Read our in-depth VigRX Reviews & Results here.

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Second Penis Pill That Works - NeoSize XL

Neo Size XL

We tested NeoSize XL with 2,866 men.

See how much they grew here:

Reviews & Results >

NeoSize XL is my number 2 choice for a penis pill that works. It focuses most on pure size gains, and that’s what most guys truly want. I’m going to go into detail about why it’s so highly rated in a second.

We studied VigRX Plus first, so we have a little less data on NeoSize XL, but we still have significant data which points to its power as an enhancement pill that increases your length and your girth.

NeoSize XL could be part of your Holy Trinity male enhancement stack, and for good reason.

The greatest gift that NeoSize XL offers over VigRX Plus is that it performed better at increasing your penis girth. For some of you, length may be the overriding desire. However, girth makes you better in bed because you can hit the deep nerves inside a woman's vagina.

That's really the secret to being incredible in bed.

Right now, you can read our detailed report on NeoSize XL.

To get your NeoSize XL pills, click here

The Lowdown On NeoSize XL

Is NeoSize XL easy to use?

As with all pills, the ease of use is 10/10. There is nothing else you need to do, unless you want to start your own penis enlargement stack. Then it comes highly recommended as a pillar of the stack.

Is it high quality?

Yes. NeoSize XL emerged out of nowhere in a very short space of time. The reason for that is because it it so well designed and manufactured.

Do they use quality ingredients? Yes.
Do they have a clean factory? Yes.
Do they process the pills properly? Yes.

Like the other penis pills on this page, these are highly recommended, partly because of the way they’re produced. You have nothing to worry about with the quality of these pills.

Are NeoSize XL pills for you?

Yes. I think every guy should take NeoSize XL pills as part of their penis building arsenal. They do the job they’re meant to do, they focus on size gains and they work. We’ve seen the results and they work over and over again.

Other experiences with NeoSize XL…

Many guys have seen great gains with NeoSize XL. It does really work. And we’ve shown it time and time again. Here are the results that have come in from our mailing list. 2,866 men were involved in the test. They experienced the following gains:

After six months: Average increase - 1.12 inches in length & 0.55 inches in girth.

When the body is saturated with NeoSize XL, the growth jumps.

What are the pros of NeoSize XL?

Specifically formulated for pure size gains
Increases length and girth
Mild increases to erection strength
Mild increases to virility
Fast delivery
New, cutting-edge formula

What are the cons of NeoSize XL?

It takes a few months to see real gains
Not Doctor endorsed
Newish to the market
Costs money each month

Is the product worth my money?

If you’re after pure enlargement from pills then I suggest getting NeoSize XL. It’s also part of our Holy Trinity Penis Enlargement Stack. Obviously, the stack increases the speed you get bigger and the net result of your gains - meaning more length and more girth.

Summary of NeoSize XL

Our reviews and results of NeoSize XL are here

You can order NeoSize XL here.

Third Penis Pill That Works - Male Extra


Male Extra

We tested Male Extra with 612 men.

See how much they grew here:

Reviews & Results >

Male Extra Pills are the new kids on the block in the penis enlargement space. They have emerged because of the positive results that they consistently deliver.

These pills have taken the best bits from other enlargement pills and added their own flourish - here in the form of pomegranate - to really add another level to your enhancement efforts. And pomegranate is the "secret sauce"…

As you know, if you’re an avid reader of, we only show you the products that work, which leaves a very important question… How much does this work?

Well, these pills are good. They do work. However, they're not the best that we have reviewed. Because of that they get a 3-star rating. They're above average.

As you know, we only publish products that do increase your size, so that they're here at all tells you they will improve your size.

However, they're not as good as either of the pills that appear above them on this page. And that is why you should probably use the others.

Right now, you can read our detailed report on Male Extra.

To order your Male Extra pills, click here

The Lowdown On Male Extra - Reviewed

Does Male Extra Work?

Yes, through our tests we’ve found that Male Extra does work. In fact, it’s up there with VigRX Plus as a go-to pill that I recommend any man takes if you want to increase your penis size…

The reason it works is because it’s a new, high-quality formula that drives the nutrients and biochemicals you need right to your penis. It’s something that I am very happy using. And I’m definitely not the only one to see these results from taking Male Extra. My three compadres, Miles, Rupert and Graham have seen similar results.

I’m pretty sure that Male Extra will work for you too. And that’s the reason why it’s here, on this site…

Is Male Extra Easy To Use?

As with any pill, Male Extra is a breeze to use. All you gotta do is take it as advised and, voila! You’ll start to see gains…

Is it high quality?

The thing I love about Male Extra pills is that they’re at the cutting-edge of research in regards to male enhancement. The research which states that pomegranates help with sexual function is very new. And it contains a big hit of the biochemicals required to get a bigger dick. I can’t speak so much for anything else as the exact formula seems to be a secret. However, the quality speaks for itself… And so do the results.

Do they use quality ingredients? Yes.
Do they have a clean factory? Yes.
Do they process the pills properly? Yes.

I wrote to Male Extra and asked about the method of making the pills and they’re not some cheap pill sweatshop. They make their pills with the processing and methodology that you’d expect to find in the biggest pill manufacturers.

Are Male Extra pills for you?

These pills get you results. Not only do they work as standalone pills, they are also an excellent addition to a stack. We have tested lots of different stacks, and we find that these pills always add something. Meaning, if you use one or two other penis enlargement methods and you add Male Extra to the mix, we’ve seen consistent improvement, tested by over 612 men.

I am delighted that this new kid on the block offers an extra to men who want to grow their penis. This can be quantified by either more gains, faster gains or both…

Now, you may be confused about which you should get out of VigRX Plus and Male Extra. The results are comparable. I always go for safety first in that situation and use the oldest one first… Why? Simply because something that’s been proven on one million people is more likely to work for me than something that’s been tested on one hundred-thousand. It’s just elementary probability…

However, we’ll get onto which is better for you in just a second.

Other experiences of Male Extra?

So far, 822 men have used Male Extra and told us of their results. We have a good measure of how well they work. First, let’s look at the team’s results here at

Now for the fun stuff!

822 men have taken Male Extra on our mailing list. Now, these results include guys who have been enlargement stacking, so their results are elevated slightly by that fact. However, we’ve tried to group the results so that you can see what you should expect when you start taking these pills.

Of the 822 who took them, 403 used them on their own. They experienced the following gains…

After six months: Average increase - 1.1 inches in length & 0.4 inches in girth

Male Extra is just as good as VigRX Plus. I believe that after 6 months, you’ll be a lot closer to your ideal size.

The pros are:

It increases your size
It increases your virility
It increases your erection strength
Fast delivery

What are the cons of the product?

It takes time
While it does work alone, it’s better as part of a cocktail of enhancement
It costs money and the pills run out!
Not Doctor endorsed
I can’t find much trial data, except our own

Is it worth the money?

I think it is worth it if you have money to spare. It’s not my go-to first recommendation, but it definitely increases penis size.

Click here for our in-depth results & reviews of Male Extra

Click here to order yours…

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