Results of Male Extra Penis Pills

We tested these pills and realized that we had to do a larger experiment as they increased the size of the four of us at after 3 months. So we did what we always do when in the rare situation of finding a penis enlargement product that works… We wrote an email to our loyal mailing list.

It was time to test it with other men out there. Now, when we test a product we do it for 3 months. However, when we get help from our mailing list we always go for a 6 month test. The reason for this is because we could then potentially find 4 new products a year that work instead of 2. On top of that, we realize that if something works for guys then they’re likely to want to try it for about 6 months to get a real increase in size… You know? Something that will actually change their life!

And upon telling our list that we had something promising, 632 replied within 5 days to say that they were in. They all ordered and the test began…

How Many People Took Part In The Male Extra Test

For this test, we had 612 men who all ordered a 6 month batch of Male Extra. This was a smaller test than we’ve had for the other penis pills proven to work, but it was more than enough to get a statistically valid data. And we were about to find out if Male Extra really does work or not…

6 Month Results Using Male Extra Pills

After 6 months, we wrote to our noble enlargement warriors to get their measurements from them. We got 612 results back, so they are the only ones we’ll be including in this test. Of the 20 who didn’t reply in time, we were forced to remove them from the dataset as we had no results for them…

The results of the test were compelling.

Average Size Gains on Male Extra

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using Male Extra

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using Male Extra

If the pill were overpowering then this blip wouldn't happen. So this is part of the reason that Male Extra gets a 3 star rating.

The girth growth (overall) is also the lowest that we have seen out of all the pills we've shown to work.

Average Overall Growth Using Male Extra - Results!


Male Extra

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Worst Performing Growth

5% of men saw less than 0.4 inches of growth in length. 13% saw less that 0.25 inches of growth in girth. One man claimed that he saw a 0.1 inch growth in girth and only a 0.2 inch increase in length. This is obviously bad news for him, but this was the worst result out of 612 after 6 months of use.

Best Performing Growth

2% of the testing pool actually gained over 2 inches in length. A further 3% saw over 0.7 inches of growth in penis girth.

This is surprising, as it’s a number of standard deviations away from the average. However, it shows that you could get huge gains if Male Extra works really well with you.

The best single report that we received was someone who gained 2.2 inches in their length and 0.8 inches in girth. He said that the pills just seemed to work very well for him. That’s incredible gains, but I should stress it’s not the norm. He was the best performing out of 612, and well done to him. I’d have killed for those results back in the day!

Sexual Function Results

585 men reported a noticeable increase in their sexual function. This is typically erection hardness. That’s a positive result when the real aim of this pill is for size. So it’s a nice side effect to have.

Male Extra does suggest that sexual function enhancement was a factor in its formulation. Indeed, L-Methionine is included in the formula and we believe this is for the sexual function benefits rather than for assistance in increasing penis size.

Talking of side effects, lets look at negative side effects for taking Male Extra…

Reported Side Effects of Taking Male Extra Pills

A few men (8) reported that they had mild recurring headaches. This may not be due to Male Extra. However, if you suffer from headaches, perhaps this isn’t the product for you.

5 men reported a drop in sexual function. Again, this could be due to other issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or psychological ED problems. However, again, if you struggle with ED, perhaps VigRX Plus is a better option for you.

One of the men who started the experiment but didn’t finish it did so on the advice of his doctor, as he was taking other medications related to diabetes.

Is Male Extra Safe To Use?

With the vast majority of men reporting no negative side effects from using Male Extra after 6 months, it does appear to be safe to use. The formula is good and it does increase penis length by (on average) 1.1 inches in length and 0.4 inches of girth.

The main reason for that is due to the ingredients contained within Male Extra, which we’ll go into now.

List of Ingredients In Male Extra Pills

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
Zinc Citrate

As we know, L-Arginine is a very important part of penis enlargement as it turns into Nitric Oxide in the body. This leads to improved blood-flow to the penis, heightened sexual function and erection quality.

Pomegranates are important because they also increase blood-flow. Getting lots of blood into the penis is vital as blood is what carries the building blocks that actually grow your penis. The more there is, the better your growth is going to be.

MSM is somewhat of a secret weapon. Its inclusion here is vital because it promotes tissue health. So when you are getting bigger, MSM is there to make sure that your cells are healthy and strong. This sets a firm foundation for growth.

L-Methionine is important. However, its primary function is actually delaying ejaculation. Research suggests that it has a small, limited impact on penis enlargement itself, but a bigger impact on sexual performance.

Zinc is a vital inclusion as it plays a big part in the production of testosterone. Testosterone is another building block to increasing penis tissue. The reason why zinc citrate is used is because it’s better absorbed in the body, meaning it has more of an impact on your penis gains.

Cordyceps has been known for millenniums (yes, literally thousands of years) as a natural aphrodisiac. It also has a claim to help increase penis size for the same reasons as with the ingredients above.

Niacin is one of those vitamins (it’s actually Vitamin B3) that many people are deficient in. It helps your blood vessels work better. Now, that becomes very important when you think about what an erection is: Precisely the expansion of blood vessels. The more your blood vessels are able to expand, the bigger your erections will be.

How Much Does Male Extra Cost?

There are three pricing tiers for Male Extra. The first is a simple one month supply. The second is a 4 month supply. The third is a 6 month supply.

Cost Of 1 Month Supply Of Male Extra: $64.95

Cost Of 4 Month Supply: $197.95

Cost Of 6 Month Supply: $249.90

Now, when you order a 4 month supply, you only pay for 3 months as you get one bottle for free.

When you order a 6 month supply, you only pay for 4 months as you get 2 bottles for free.

As we’ve shown, the biggest growth happens in the 5th month, at 0.28 inches. In the 4th month the growth is 0.27 inches, so virtually the same. And in the 6th month the growth is 0.18 inches.

The pricing structure is interesting because to get the best results, you need a course of 5 months, so you get the levels of growth possible in months 4 to 5. Which leads us onto the next section, which is how long to use Male Extra for for the best results…

How Long Should I Use Male Extra Pills For?

Our tests show that growth seemed to slow from month 5 to month 6. There is a 35% drop in growth between months 5 and 6. It was as though, to quote one of our test reviewers, "the pills had reached their potency and the body was starting to adapt to slow size increases."

That’s certainly possible, and our data showed it. That said, a handful of men (16) said that their gains actually increased in the sixth month.

We recommend that you use Male Extra for 4 months if you’re on a tight budget and 6 months if you’re not.

What’s the Deal with Shipping?

Shipping in the USA took 3-5 days and around the world it took 7 days. The best thing about shipping is that it’s completely free.

Is The Male Extra Package Discreet?

A plain cardboard box is sent, containing the Male Extra pills. There is no indication on the box what is inside. We had no reports or negative comments from anyone who took part in the test that shipping, discretion or the product itself were lackluster.

What’s the Daily Dosage of Male Extra?

The daily dosage of Male Extra is 3 pills per day, taken with a meal. While they suggest taking them with breakfast, it’s probably better to take them with dinner, as once you go to bed you’ll naturally get erections as you sleep. Sleep is also the time that your body rebuilds itself.

Male Extra - How Long To See Results?

So, how long does it take for Male Extra to work? What we’ve seen from the data is that most men see small gains in the first month (the average is 0.1 inches), yet some men took a little longer - not seeing results until month 2.

However, virtually all men saw the biggest gains in months 4 and 5, before the results slowed.

Are There Male Extra Pills Before & After Photos?

Male Extra haven’t released any before and after pictures.

Questionnaire Results: Percentage Who Would Recommend Male Extra…

84% would recommend Male Extra. The reason why it isn’t higher is because:

1, it takes some time to get gains
2, the gains are moderate (not awesome)
3, it can be quite expensive.

How do I order Male Extra?

Order here.

Harry’s Review of Male Extra Pill

So, I was excited to try Male Extra as I wanted to see if it had anything on the other two pills that we have found to work - see our VigRX results here and the NeoSize XL reviews here. I wasn’t sure of what to expect. The first I heard about Male Extra was that they sent me an email 5 years earlier, asking that I did a review. I asked for a 3 month trial and the items were shipped but I never got them.

Then, a few years later I started to hear reports from a few guys on our mailing list who said, "Hey, this stuff is working for me." I wrote to Male Extra again, and told them that I was getting positive reviews. It took a week to get the pills, and best of all, the shipping is free for you guys.

I’d been in the game for a long time when I started using these. I was immediately curious about the pomegranate effect. Would it work?

Would I really see size gains?

My Size Gains From Male Extra

Well, I did see size gains. I saw growth of 0.4 inches from a short 3 month run.

That’s a decent return in my opinion. It’s clear that these pills do work. I also managed to gain 0.15 inches in penis girth.

If you want to try Male Extra then don’t think too hard about it. These pills are good.

Would I Use Male Extra Again?

I don’t mean to take anything away from these pills. I mean, how could I? They really do deliver results. That said, they don’t offer the size gains that we see with NeoSize XL and VigRX Plus.

They are cheaper though. So if you’re set on just using penis pills and you’re want to try some cheap ones, then perhaps these will work for you.

I do need to stress though, especially in this crazy, sometimes dangerous and always interesting world of penis enlargement, you do get what you pay for.

When did I take my dose of Male Extra?

As I always do, I took my pills with my final meal. I do this because you get spontaneous when you sleep, and your body repairs itself then too. So that’s why I think that everyone should take these pills in the evening.

I could be wrong of course, but the usual time for supplements to take effect are between 1-4 hours. So that fits with my schedule.

Other findings with Male Extra

I did notice quite a strong increase in sexual desires. This I put down to these pills.

What do I recommend the most?

I recommend the Holy Trinity, but only if you can afford it! Click here to look at that.

And click here to order yourself some Male Extra Pills.