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Results of VigRX Plus

Now, if you’ve read quite a lot of this site then you know that VigRX Plus was the starting point for a number of us men in the male enhancement world. In fact, this pill was the main reason that this site was created. At the time - 2003 - the internet was awash with inflated claims about the capabilities of these pills to make you as big as you ever dreamed of being…

However, that wasn’t the original reason for this site’s creation. Instead, it was because this was the first pill that actually delivered results to Harry, the creator of And that small growth led to the desire to test all the products out there and share the ones that worked.

This is one of the most tested products in the history of this site. We have a lot of data on the effectiveness of these pills. And that means that we can go into great detail now to share with you exactly how good these pills are. From there, you can decide if they’re for you.

How Many People Tried VigRX Plus - Results

6,325 people have signed up to take part in these experiments. That’s one hell of a lot of people. And we’ve got a fantastic data set to help you see exactly how taking these pills might influence your penis size.

This is one of the oldest pills out there. We also started testing from way back in 2003. That is the main reason why we have so many results for this product. It’s way over a decade of data.

6 Month Results Using The Pills

These tests of this pill set the protocol for how we conduct experiments at We said it would be a 6 month experiment. And throughout the years, of the 6,325 men who have said they’d undertake the task of trying out these pills, 6,207 have given us results.

There is a reason why these pills have been at the top of the penis pill food-chain for nearly 20 years. They deliver decent, consistent growth. I don’t think the formula has changed in the last 20 years and that’s no surprise. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, after all…

Average Size Gains on VigRX Plus

The average gains of this pill were 1.15 inches in length and 0.45 inches in penis girth. Remember, this was after 6 full months of use.

I know that there are some wild claims about these pills around the internet, but these were our findings, based on 6,207 participants who all used the pills for half a year. I trust our results way more than the inflated claims that aren’t backed up elsewhere!

So the gains you could expect, all things being equal, are the same as we found, 1.15 inches in length and 0.45 in girth.

We’ve made VigRX our first choice out of the penis enlargement pills because it has been around for so long. On top of that, they always deliver. There is no real change in the results from the tests we ran in 2003, or the tests we’ve run up to this year. These pills are trustworthy in that sense. You get the same product now as you always did.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using VigRX Plus

The month-on-month penis length increases on these pills are quite interesting. The peak-growth month is month 4, where the average increase size is a full 0.3 inches. That’s very, very strong growth.

They are quite a slow starter, with a 0.12 inch increase in month 1. And after month 4, the potency seems to die off a little bit. That said, in the final month (month 6) there is still a solid 0.2 inches of growth.

All-in-all the penis length increase on this product are very positive. Within 6 months you could jump from, say, a 5.5 inch penis to a 6.5 inch penis. That’s quite a big difference for just taking a little pill.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using VigRX Plus

Girth is, some women claim, a far more important metric of penis size. That has something to do with the way that women love to feel stretched during sex. However, like all these things, the penis girth gains are smaller.

There are a few reasons for that. First, penis girth is virtually always a smaller number than penis length, and secondly, the way that cells form in the penis leads to more cell expansion length-ways.

Even so, month 5 offered the biggest month-on-month girth gains. Seeing an overall increase of 0.09 inches. This sounds small, but girth gains are actually far more noticeable than length gains, so it’s not bad growth at all.

Average Overall Growth Using VigRX Plus - Results!

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Worst Performing Growth

Because our dataset is huge, we have seen some very strong outliers (events that occur outside the expected statistical range.) This applies to both excellent results and bad ones. The worst performing gains over a 6 month period, which happened for 66 people was under 0.3 inches in length. On the girth side, 23 men reported no girth increases at all.

Now, while many sites never talk about the worst results, we feel it’s important to give you a fair, accurate and balanced view of anything that we test. That’s why sharing these results is so important to us.

However, looking at the data, those 66 men who gained very little from these pills account for less than 3% of the total. And while you may look at these results as important, conversely the best results hold equal significance…

Best Performing Growth

In the same way that the worst performing results of VigRX Plus pills offers an overly bleak picture of the gains that you may experience if you use these pills, the best results offer an overly optimistic picture of what you might expect. Incredibly good or incredibly bad results are abnormal. Which is why the averages are far more likely to offer a realistic insight into what you may expect.

These “best” results did happen. But don’t take them to be more significant than they really are.

52 men saw gains of over 2.25 inches from taking these pills for 6 months. That’s incredible gains but they’re at the very end of the spectrum of our data.
Indeed, 40 men said girth increases of over 1.25 inches. That’s phenomenal growth but it isn't something you can rely on when it comes to using VigRX Plus pills for yourself.

Sexual Function Results

One of VigRX Plus’s greatest strengths is the effect they have on your sexual function. Erections are habitually harder. A group of men (85) who hadn’t had spontaneous erections in over 3 years got them frequently (more than three times every two weeks) while on the pills.

Refractory time between sexual copulation (the amount of time it takes to get hard again after ejaculating) was reduced by 80%. And general sexual wellbeing was said to improve by 34%.

These results are better than merely encouraging. They show that these pills are a very, very good at increasing male sexual function when taken over an extended period of time.

708 men said they would continue to use VigRX Plus purely for these benefits, even if size increases didn’t also occur. That’s a strong indication of something quite special happening with these pills, despite the attached cost of use.

Reported Side Effects of Taking VigRX Plus

A small but significant men reported insomnia from taking VigRX Plus (54) and a smaller number (20) believed that it caused constipation.
In fact, 3 men stopped using the pills before the six months were up because of problems with constipation.

Is VigRX Plus Safe To Use?

With 1.2% of men reporting the above side effects, it seems that they don’t agree with a small group of people. Therefore, use VigRX Pills at your own risk.

The good news is that if you do experience these problems, you can return the pills and get your money back.

List Of Ingredients In VigRX Plus Pills

  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Turnera Aphrodisiaca
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Panama Ginseng
  • Fructose Serene
  • Ptychopetalum Olacoides
  • Erythoroxylum Catuba

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Latin name: Epicedium Sagittatum) is a natural PDE-5 inhibitor. This is the exact same thing that gets those famous blue pills to work. However, that’s not all. It also helps the production of nitric oxide in your body, which is another aspect to stronger erections. And there’s more. Its interaction with blood vessels and the tissues inside your penis leads to increased size.

Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca) has been an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. It has been proven to work both in the lab and the real world. The inclusion of Damiana in VigRX Plus’s formula is a leading reason for it being so effective at increasing penis hardness and getting longer-lasting erections.

Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo Biloba) is something of an all-round super supplement. It definitely improves sexual function in both men and women. Yet, it also acts as a cognitive enhancer - improving memory, focus and removing that mental fog that can cloud the mind… Microvascular circulation is also improved. This helps with enhancing the size and strength of your penis.

Asian Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) has been observed to increase blood circulation to penile tissue, which means that when all the penis enhancing supplements are in the blood, this herb gets them to the right place so that they can work on increasing your size. Not only that, but Ginseng also improves your sexual function dramatically. Tests on humans have confirmed this repeatedly.

Saw Palmetto Berry (Fructus Serenoae) is the hormone-controlling supplement that protects your prostate, manages your hormones and therefore promotes growth. It calms smooth body tissue, which works to enhance your penis and to allow for growth. It also has anabolic qualities and this strengthens and, importantly, constructs body tissues. Can you think of a reason why you want to construct body tissue somewhere specific in your body? Yeah, that’s absolutely right… Your penis.

Moira Pauma Bark (Ptychopetalum Olacoides) treats impotence and a lack of sex drive. It is excellent at increasing desire for sex. That’s why it’s been included in the VigRX Plus formulaa.

Catsa Bark Extract (Erythoroxylum Catuba) is found in the Amazon rainforest as a libido enhancer used by Amazonian tribes for centuries. The way it works is by dilating blood vessels in the body, including your penis.

All of these VigRX Plus ingredients focus on getting bigger, getting harder and increasing your sex drive. They all go hand-in-hand and that’s why this pill has been used by so many for so long.

How Much Does VigRX Plus Cost?

Cost Of 1 Month Supply Of VigRX Plus: $76.99

Cost Of 2 Month Supply: $143.99 - Save $10

Cost Of 3 Month Supply: $205.99 - Save $25

Cost Of 4 Month Supply: $267.99 - Save $40

Cost Of 5 Month Supply: $329.99 - Save $55

Cost Of 6 Month Supply: $384.99 - Save $77

Cost Of 12 Month Supply: $489.99 - Save $434

As you can see, you can make some good savings by getting longer supplies. We don’t recommend getting a 12 month supply unless you’re rich or very serious. The only reason being that it’s a big outlay for these pills.

If you’re rich or super-dedicated, then by all means ignore me and get a 12 month supply. The few men who have reported to us that they did it saw between 2.1 and 3.22 inches of growth, so it’s less (or even much less) than $240 per inch, depending on your growth!

How Long Should I Use VigRX Plus Pills For?

The best results occurred in month 4, closely followed by month 5. I recommend a 6 month program, unless you want to go full-whack and take a 12 month supplement supply.

Taking a 4 month program will lead to decent gains to though.

Many of the guys who partook in this test were delighted at getting a 6 month supply. In fact, only 12% said they’d have been just as happy with a shorter one. So, money permitting, go and grab yourself 6 months worth…

What’s the Deal with Shipping?

What’s the Daily Dosage of VigRX Plus?

Simply take 2 pills a day, with a meal.

VigRX Plus - How Long To See Results?

So, how long does VigRX Plus take to work? We recommend that you use VigRX Plus for 5-6 months. After that, it appears that VigRX Plus becomes less effective...

Are There VigRX Plus Before & After Photos?

Yes, there are. Click here for VigRX Plus before and after pics…

How do I order VigRX Plus?

To order your VigRX Plus click the big, yellow "Order Now" button in the box on you see, and get your 6 month supply now.

You can expect to grow by 1.2 inches in length and 0.45 inches in girth.

Simply click the yellow "Order Now" button and grab your pills...

Harry’s VigRX Plus Results

I used VigRX Plus when it first came out and I have a record of my results that have been kept in a dirty for years. VigRX Plus is one of the best enlargement solutions on the market.

The thing I loved most about it was that it was the first thing that made my penis grow. It was the first product that gave me results. At first, I was worried about the price. I’d already tried patches (because I thought they were safer.) The problem with patches is that they don’t work.

When I used VigRX Plus alone, it was Winter, 2002. I got a 2 month supply and started popping the pills. I was 17 years old.

I bought a 2 month supply.

Taking the pills, as directed, I just got on with life and kept taking them.

I felt different. I felt more sexual - and for a 17 year old, feeling even more sexual is funny. However, after the first bottle of pills was empty I measured my penis. The growth was tiny, 0.1 inch.

I thought it may be a measuring mistake.

I decided that they probably didn’t work but carried on taking them. When I got to the end of the second bottle, I measured again.

First Results from VigRX Plus Pills!

I had gained. I had definitely gained. I blinked. My heartbeat shot through the roof. I was almost certain that my gains were real.

I was 4.2 inches.

I’d grown by a third of an inch.

By this point I was out of VigRX Plus. There was none left. I was a young kid. I didn’t have the money to buy any more.

But I learned something that made me very, very happy. Penis enlargement can work. Sure, it wasn’t the 2 inches that I was promised. I know I should have been a little pissed. But I wasn’t. I was happy.

I had proof, right in my pants, that my penis could get bigger. I mean, my penis WAS bigger. This was unbelievable for me.

I has grown my penis. But it was about to get even better… One month later I got an email, saying something along the lines of ‘Order more pills, it’s been a month!’

Blah, blah, spam, blah…

I didn’t. I mean I was flat broke. I had literally nothing. If I had $100, I would have. Even if it was my last $100. Yet, I remember knowing at that time that I had $8.

$8 in the whole world. So I really, really couldn’t afford to to by one more bottle of VigRX Plus.

But The VigRX Plus Results Continued…

The reason I mention that email is simply because I was reminded to measure my penis again. I was happy to be 4.2 inches. And I’d been one month off the VigRX Plus pills. I assumed that as soon as I stopped taking them, I’d stop seeing growth. But that wasn’t the case at all.

As I measured myself once more I discovered that I was actually 4.3 inches. I was definitely bigger.

Why Did VigRX Plus Continue to Work?

VigRX Plus continued to work slightly, even though I’d stopped taking it, because it took a while to get all the goodies inside VigRX Plus pills out of my system. So slowly, and admittedly less powerfully, my penis continued to grow.

I had reached a point where my penis was 0.4 inches bigger than it had been at the start. I had a bigger dick. I wasn’t close to average yet. I wasn’t happy, per se. But I was getting bigger. I was no longer under 4 inches. And to me, that felt great.

VigRX (Non-Plus) Didn’t Work For Me…

Funny thing is, the original VigRX pills didn’t work for me at all. They were probably not junk, but they felt like it at the time.

Here was I, a kid who wanted to get a decent-sized penis, who spent all of his small amounts of money on penis pills that hadn’t worked, penis patches that hadn’t worked and I was getting so frustrated.

I just knew, being the size I was, that I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t give up on this. Instead, I needed to make sure that I kept going until I could break out of the tag of being a “little man”.

And that is why I was so delighted when VigRX Plus showed results. At first, it was unexpected. Second, it confirmed that I wasn’t going to spend my whole life being the small man that I was. No.

I was going to get bigger.

In some ways, I have a certain nostalgia about VigRX Plus. I know, empirically, that VigRX Plus isn’t the perfect method. Our tests have shown that the Holy Trinity penis enlargement stack works the best. Yet, this was the first, y’know?!

This was the product that made everything else possible. And you can’t take anything away from how powerful that is. I still remember that feeling of looking down and seeing that I was bigger than before. I remember feeling scared and happy and alive. And my VigRX results stood the test of time too.

I wasn’t able to afford another batch for over 6 months. When I did finally have the money I actually ordered something else. And I was stuck in a cycle again of waiting to have enough money before I could buy again.

Being young and broke isn’t fun. But soon after, because of my disappointment at some products not working, this very site started formulating in my mind. And then I realized that I needed to try lots of different methods to discover what really works for men out there.