Penis Enlargement Programs - Home Remedies For A Bigger Penis That Work

There have been many home remedies that have come and gone for penis enlargement. However, it’s only been in the last few years that we’ve seen some truly remarkable developments in the science of growing your penis.

There is one standout product that through 2,230 tests had proven to be the very best. The results from Penis Enlargement Remedy are nothing short of phenomenal, when you consider this is just a system for $150 (reduced right now to $47!) This system is so advanced because it uses stem cell growth, something you can do in the comfort of your own home. Not only is it the first system to make scientific sense, it also works in the real world.

Comparison Chart - Enlargement Programs That Work

So, here is a detailed analysis of the top performing penis enlargement solutions that you can do at home, without requiring extenders or weird concoctions from God-knows-where. Again, as is always the way, we used our loyal tester-base to see the effects of these products within 6 months.

How we tested these penis enlargement home remedies…

To conduct these tests on the best products to grow your penis at home, 4,714 men took part. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication, openness and for being part of the family.

Just a quick recap for those of you who don’t know…

We cease anything else we may be using to purely focus on that one product. If all 4 of us in this guinea pig group (we all write for this site) see gains, then we can set up a test. [Note here, if just one of us doesn’t experience any gains, then we don’t set up an experiment. We value our loyal tribe and to get people to spend 6 months testing something that may not work for 25% of them doesn’t sit comfortably with us. It just ain’t gonna happen.]

Once we’ve all shown that the product or system works for us, we then send out an email to our tribe of (at time of writing) over 80,000 men. We then see who is willing to spend 6 months seeing how well the product works for them. Then we collect all the data 6 months later to see how well that product works…

This gives us a great idea of how effective a product is. And, perhaps more importantly than that, how well it will work for you.

4,714 men agreed to test the 3 products that we’ve found to be effective for us. This is a big set of data. And it enables us to say with a degree of certainty just how effective these products are.

The 3 Home Remedy Male Enhancement Products We’ve Reviewed

Summary of The Enlargement Programs

Let’s cut to the chase. The order in which these products appear on this page is the order of how good they are. The results are a less close-run thing that the results for penis enlargement pills that we’ve seen. And, as I’ve said, there is a stand-out product here that I think every man should get.

When it comes to the cost, they’re all the same price - it certainly seems like $47 is the going rate for these do-it-yourself enlargement systems.

When it comes to results, there are three clear tiers. However, before we go into a little more detail about the best one in the next section I should stress that all of them delivered results for the 4,714 men who tested them out.

We have written up some very detailed reviews and results on these products (as we always do) and it might be worth you going through those results and reviews now before you make up your mind to discover which is the best for you.

I certainly wish that these guys were all around when I first got into this “enlargement” thing. That would have made my journey run a lot smoother and delivered me results far quicker than they took in reality. So, consider yourself lucky that if you’re starting your personal enlargement journey today, you have three great products from which to choose from.

We’re going to go in-depth. A sensible man who relies on data will opt for the first product, and the one I’d about to talk about. However, as I always say, if you have your heart set on another one that appears on this page then know that you’ll see growth using it. Maybe not as fast or efficiently as if you were using Penis Enlargement Remedy, but you’ll see results all the same.

Now, let’s begin with the “Big Daddy” of DIY penis enlargement products on the market today, which comes highly recommended…

Penis Enlargement Programs That Actually Work To Increase Size

Penis Enlargement Remedy (PE Remedy) - By Tom Candow

This product is the revolution for us and our list. The premise is so simple. You just use stem cells (that occur in the body) to increase your penis size. Why use stem cells to grow your penis?

Stem cells are magical. They’re the cells that are in your body that have the capability to form into ANY cell type in the body. A stem cell could be used as a brain cell, a blood cell, a liver cell or - get this - a penis cell.

And when you follow the protocol in PE Remedy to the letter, you drive lots of stem cells to the penis. It’s there that they stay and turn, almost like alchemy, into penis cells. Except it’s not alchemy. It’s not turning lead into gold. This is pure, elegant and beautiful science.

And the end result is that your penis grow far more effectively than with any other method. This stem cell penis enlargement secret is the reason why men are secretly using this product to add permanent inches to their penis.

Who is Tom Candow?

The Remedy’s creator, Tom Candow, was born small. And he tried everything to make changes to his size. However, nothing seemed to work.

Until, an old school friend, who happens to be a world renowned scientist (he’s famous in the science community, but not a household name) went to work on improving his size.

Tom met up with him and he revealed to Tom the stem cell secret that he’d perfected. Tom tried it and saw his size jump up too. And they struck a deal to share this secret with men out there who, like them, were born too small.

The Results of Penis Enlargement Remedy…

The result of that stem cell-harnessing secret is a product that did two things: It turned us into raving believers; and it dramatically increased our lengths and girths. And when we shared it with our list, it delivered the best standalone test results that we’ve ever seen.

Now, these aren’t the best results we’ve seen because we’re raging believers. We’re raging believers because these are the best results for a standalone product. We saw excellent growth.

You can read our Penis Enlargement Remedy review and results here.

Holy Trinity Penis Enlargement Stack…

The Holy Trinity enlargement stack, for those of you who don’t know, is a combination of three different types of male enhancement to boost the speed of gains and, of course, your size at the end.

We have tested many different variations of the Holy Trinity for enlargement and there is one that works best.

Penis Enlargement Remedy is the core component of the Holy Trinity. It’s the Rosetta Stone that elevates the other two elements involved. And the results are pretty darn close to what all men dream of when they start with penis enlargement. (It just takes longer and costs a little more than you’d want in a perfect world.)

Anyhow, this product is the one that you shouldn’t let get away…

Check out our detailed mailing list results here to decide if it’s for you, or see the site itself here.

User approval rating for PE Remedy (out of 2,230 men): 94%

PE Supersizer - By Earl Anderson & Max Miller - Review

Earl Anderson has delivered a product that will cause you to grow. (Max Miller is the writer behind it.) This is a great thing for the community. And it’s good to have more choice than the normal two big-guns (which are the others that appear on this page.)

Now, I imagine this product to become the most prominent in time. The marketing is excellent. The story of how this product came to be is captivating and Earl Anderson seems like a man I’d love to sit down and crack open a beer with. That doesn’t make it the best product though!

Who is Earl Anderson?

The creators of PE Supersizer are Earl Anderson and Max. We don’t know Max’s surname. What we do know is that he claimed to grow by 4 inches using this method that he created.

Do I think he grew by 4 inches?

No. I know that the Supersizer works. It worked for me. It worked for the 580 men who have tested it for 6 months. Yet, none of us guys saw 4 inches of growth.

Again, the video that you watch before being exposed to the product is slick. I like it a lot. Mr. Anderson sounds relatable and honest. And the product works. Not as well as he claims, but it works.

The Results of PE Supersizer

The results are strong. If this product was released first, I’d guess it would be way more talked about than the other two. There is an ease about watching a video that you simply don’t get when reading text. And his site is primarily an excellent video presentation about how to get a bigger penis.

We have reviewed it extensively and the reviews and results of PE Supersizer are here for you to see. You can also go direct here.

User approval rating for PE Supersizer (out of 580 men): 88%

Penis Enlargement Bible (PE Bible) - By John Collins

John Collins’ PE Bible is the third best performing home remedy to increase your penis size. This is the oldest product and, at first, I was very enthusiastic about the results. I felt that finally, we had a product that actually delivers on what’s promised.

And the product is quite good.

Being the first home remedy that delivers results was encouraging. The problem is that newer, better products have come along. And while this used to be one of the products that we maintained was excellent, these days it doesn’t stack up against Penis Enlargement Remedy, for example.

Why is PE Bible the most talked about?

So, Penis Enlargement Bible is the most talked about of the three. I always look all over to keep my finger on the pulse with male enhancement. What I discovered about these three products is that John Collins’ guide is the most talked about.

I believe there’s a simple reason for that. This product was the first one to deliver results and people went mad for that. They had finally found something quite simple that they could do at home that worked.

And there was a flood of interest and chatter about this product. That initial wave of praise still exists. The problem is that the information is now old. This isn’t the best program for penis enlargement out there anymore. It’s not even the second best. It comes in a commendable but significant third.

Who created Penis Enlargement Bible?

John Collins is the brain behind the PE Bible. He worked out a two-step approach to growth which required loading up the body with biochemicals and then doing penis exercises to increase size.

His system exploded onto the scene in about 2014. And it’s remained a top-dog ever since. Collins himself is quite a good publicist for his system. And if you poke around the internet you’ll see glowing reviews…

The Results of Penis Enlargement Bible…

… And those glowing reviews we once stood by too. The product does work and perhaps you’ve got your heart set on it. If that is the case then go ahead and grab yourself the information. However, if science, logic and reason appeal to you more then look at Tom Candow’s PE Remedy for the best formula…

When I first used it I was very impressed. Hell, our mailing list tribe thought it was incredible too. They didn’t need contraptions or expensive pills anymore (they still needed supplements) to see real growth. It was great. Yet, the times have changed and now people are moving to a more effective home solution to penis enlargement.

You can check out reviews and results of the PE Bible here. Or you can go to the site and see for yourself here.

User approval rating for PE Bible (out of 1,904 men): 83%

What we recommend for real, long-term growth with home remedies

If you’re only going to buy one product then go with the PE Remedy. But, say you’re more serious about getting big size gains, then consider getting the PE Remedy, yes, but as part of our tried and tested Holy Trinity Enlargement Stack, view here.

Peace and growth,

P.S. You can see the comparison chart of these products below.