Out of all the penis enlargement programs that you do at home, Penis Enlargement Bible is probably the biggest and the most famous. This product has got a sh**-ton of publicity around the internet. I mean, it’s everywhere. And I know why…

…When it was released, it was the best product out there to get bigger in the comfort of your own home. It was great. Before that, all people had was pure exercises program. And this product came along and offered something more. There were two things you had to do to get bigger. One involved the pure exercises, but on top of that, you had to get certain biochemicals in the body which would increase your size a lot more effectively than using just exercises alone. (Hell, for 62% of men, doing pure exercises alone does nothing. We know this. We tested it!)

So this really was an interesting revolution that we were pumped about. And the PEBible does work. I get the publicity completely. At the time I felt that the system would be as good as it gets. I mean, get a bigger penis from home without using any weird implements? Use the Penis Enlargement Remedy.

However, this only gets 3.5 stars these days… So what happened?

To put it simply, Penis Enlargement Remedy happened and the whole premise of this clever little guide didn’t look quite so clever anymore. It looked like a Model T compared to a Ferrari. Lots of people have tried it and it works ok, but it’s not the same as a finely tuned super-product. It’s not as clever, as scientific or as beautifully constructed. And that’s why this star rating has dropped.

Even so, let’s take a peak at what the product did in tests and see whether it’s something you’ll be interested in.

Results of Penis Enlargement Bible

1,904 men chose to try the PE Bible for 6 months. This was the first product of its kind - a guide, rather than a pump or a pill - that we’d used which showed positive results. Anticipation was quite high with the men who were onboard.

These tests took place in 2014. There have been no changes or updates to the PE Bible in that time. That means that any results obtained from using the product then should be exactly the same today.

We got the results back and realized that this is a valuable penis enlargement solution that can deliver results to men if you use it diligently and follow the steps to the letter.
The results we saw were positive. As you’ll see in the "Best Results" and "Worst Results" sections, you could get very good results using the "Bible" or results that are somewhat underwhelming. However, the majority were favorable.

How Many People Tried Penis Enlargement Bible

As stated, our test involved 1,904 people. This is a great dataset for test like this. It removes any doubt or uncertainty about what a product can deliver. We believe that these results offer the most honest and measurable results on the internet. The methodology that we use is why PenisEnlargementReviews.com is the best place on the internet to find reviews of male enhancement products.

We expected results of around 1 inch, so we were moderately surprised when the 6 months ended and we got the real results in. They exceeded our expectations and our personal experiences from using this product.

(You can read Harry’s review and results of the Penis Enlargement Bible below this summary.)

6 Month Results Using Penis Enlargement Bible

Yes, at the time we didn’t have a benchmark for other enlargement guides like this one. This was the first do-it-yourself system that provided good results.

Below, we’re going to look at the average results, the best and worst results and the month-on-month growth averages for both penis length and penis girth.

Average Size Gains on Penis Enlargement Bible

We recorded average penis length gains of 1.1 inches. The average girth gains that we recorded was 0.33 inches. This was over a 6 month timeframe.

What surprised us the most was that there were any penis size gains at all. The product really was revolutionary when it was released. It was the first to give consistent growth and within 6 months you could grow by 1.1 inches.

The guys who used it were delighted by their results. They believed it was the product they were looking for. And it did fill a hole in the market for a home remedy for penis enlargement.

Again, other products have stood on the shoulders of this one and produced better results. However, at the time we tested this product, in the summer of 2014 we were amazed that a simple guide could lead to consistent, long-term growth.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using Penis Enlargement Bible

In many ways this product is exactly like taking a pill. There is a method too, but you have to buy supplements. And the clearest indicator of it being like a pill is by how closely it mirrors the best pills in terms of month-on-month growth.

At the time we tested this, we believed that there was a cycle for penis enlargement. It seemed back then that growth peaked in the 4th or 5th month, then dropped off. For the PE Bible, this held to be true.

Month 5 offered the highest month-on-month increase at 0.29 inches.

Month 4 was the second best at 0.22 inches. Month 6 was 0.20 inches.

Now, it wasn’t until we tested and reviewed Penis Enlargement Remedy later that we saw growth can grow each month. That was the first indicator that you can actually continue with a program that will constantly deliver enlargement.

In 2014, when we ran this experiment, this product looked excellent. Nowadays, with hindsight, we see that growth can be better than this as you continue to build on the previous month’s growth.

That’s the difference between John Collins’ biochemical growth and Tom Candow’s stem cell growth.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using Penis Enlargement Bible

Again, with the penis girth increases, we saw the same pill-style growth enlargement patterns month-on-month.

The highest growth spurt in penis girth took place in month 5 (0.08 inches) followed by a tie of months 4 and 6 (0.06 inches).

The total growth of 0.33 inches was also not bad.

(NOTE: This has been soundly beaten by Penis Enlargement Remedy which gives, on average, 0.31 inches more growth around the girth of your penis.)

Average Overall Growth Using Penis Enlargement Bible - Results!

Penis Enlargement Bible

We tested PE Bible with 1,904 men.

We gave it 3 stars, ranking it #3 for home male enhancement products.

You can order it here:

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Worst Performing Growth

It seems that the PE Bible doesn’t work well for everyone. A full 8% of men (152 of the 1,904 who completed the 6 months) didn’t see gains of over 0.25 inches in length. This is significant because it appears with this product you have to be in reasonable shape physically to make it work for you.

And on the girth side we saw something similar. 13% (a total of 248 men) didn’t see over 0.1 inches of penis girth growth.

Now most of the men who struggled to add 0.1 inches to their girth also failed to add 0.25 inches to their length.

However, there were a few who thrived using this product…

Best Performing Growth

2% of men saw gains of over 1.4 inches in length. That was 38 men in total. And 12 men gained over 0.5 inches in girth, which is a great result.

Sexual Function Results

One of the other main benefits of using this product is that its supplement list really helps to kickstart sexual function.

Now, there are quite a few things to take. And when you commit yourself to the cocktail, you can expect to get spontaneous erections again. This was a real shock to many men!

Refractory time (the time between an orgasm and another erection) was enhanced by using this product for 72% of the men on this experiment. That’s an incredibly high number.

Furthermore, 988 have said that they continue to use some of the supplements recommended by the Bible purely because of the benefit of enhanced erections.
These days (post-PE Remedy and PE Supersizer) this is the strongest plus with the product. It can’t match the other two in pure size gains, however, it is excellent for dealing with erection problems and greatly enhances sexual function in the men who use it.

Reported Side Effects of Taking Penis Enlargement Bible

We’ve had reports of headaches from a small percentage of men who used the product (3%). However, it should be noted that because the PE Bible is a guide, you can choose which supplements you buy. This tends to mean that the better quality supplements offer safer alternatives in terms of side effects when compared to the cheaper ones.

Is Penis Enlargement Bible Safe To Use?

Yes, unless you buy bad supplements (see above.)

What’s in the Penis Enlargement Bible Guide?

The guide offers the two-step approach to penis enlargement. This includes the exercises to get your penis bigger and the supplements to elevate those exercises to a whole new level.

The guide is almost severe in its layout. There are no bells and whistles. It’s just a system that’s been written by someone who values content more than style. But, hey, it works.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Bible Cost?

You can pick up your copy of the PE Bible for $47. This is exactly the same price as the PE Remedy and the PE Supersizer. However, there is an outlay for the supplements that you need to buy.

Some of them are compulsory and others are left up to you. It does depend on what you’re after. i.e. there’s a breakdown of supplements that can improve your erections. However, people who just want to increase their size may not be interested in spending more money to achieve better erections.

How Long Should I Use Penis Enlargement Bible For?

As we’ve shown, it peaks at month 5. 6 months of use still delivers decent results. We haven’t done a longer test than 6 months, so we can’t tell you what you could expect after 9 or 12 months of continued use.

What’s the Deal with Delivery?

This product is an instant download. So you get an email with download instructions. If you have a shared email address, or if your wife knows your password then you can create a new account to hide your purchase if you feel the need to.

Was The Penis Enlargement Bible Package Discreet?

100%. Nothing is delivered to your door. Instead, you can just download the system and instantly start reading its method to growing your penis at home.

Penis Enlargement Bible - How Long To See Results?

I’m sure you’re wondering how long Penis Enlargement Bible takes to work. It’s what I’d term as a slow-starter when compared with the other enlargement guides and the penis pills out on the market. Month 1 saw very low levels of growth.

However, by month 3 you should expect to see results.

Are There Penis Enlargement Bible Before & After Photos?

We haven’t seen any before and after pics for this product.

How do I order Penis Enlargement Bible?

Simply visit this site to get your copy of the Penis Enlargement Bible now

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Or, look at our reviews of Penis Enlargement Remedy or PE Supersizer here...

Harry’s Review of the Penis Enlargement Bible

When I first reviewed the Penis Enlargement Bible, we gave it a 4.5 star review. However, upon review, we’ve lowered this to 3.5 stars. The simple reason for this is that you can experience better results by using Penis Enlargement Remedy (and, to a lesser extent, PE Supersizer.)

The simple truth of the matter is that the best product should get close to 5 stars, and lesser products should be bumped down if necessary. With the PE Bible, that was definitely necessary. If you light your home with electricity, you don’t revert to candles because candles used to be the best method. And with penis enlargement, you get exactly the same reasoning.

However, this product was a revolution in its day. And it’s still (weirdly) the highest selling penis enlargement guide on the internet. Some of the reason for that is because it works. When I did first got this, I did it for 6 months. That was mainly because I was curious to see how far I could go with the Bible.

My Results From the Penis Enlargement Bible

I experienced as close to exactly 1 inch as you could imagine. That took me six full months and I noticed that the growth started to drop off in the 6th month. And I also experienced a 0.28 inch increase to my penis girth.

What surprised me when I got the average results back was that the average was a little higher than the results that I experienced.

First Months On Penis Enlargement Bible

This product is slow to start. That’s something I’m ok with and something I expected. They even said it in the guide itself. So it wasn’t a problem for me that it took 3 months for me to really see any size increases.

When the label says something will take time, I’m happy for it to take time. And it was clearly signposted inside that this wasn’t going to be immediate growth.

By month 3, I was excited by my growth. I had grown by 0.29 inches in length. So it became apparent to me that the PE Bible really does work. That was uplifting, and the main reason we ran a bigger test, and why I continued to use it for another 3 months.

Penis Enlargement Bible Growth

As I’ve said, my growth over 6 months was 1 inch, almost exactly. I also saw 0.28 inches of improvement in my penis girth.

The reason why I was so excited was because this was the pioneer. I was actually seeing size gains from a product which was DIY. I was at home without any pumps or extenders, and I was seeing size increases that I never expected. It almost felt like I had found a trick that every man should know about.

It was a great discovery at the time. I was pleased with my results and I was a heavy advocate of the guide.
It’s only been with time and better products that I’ve changed my tune a little bit about the results that this product delivers.

Review Summary

These days, I’m less vocal in my support for this product. Let me stress something though. I stand by it somewhat because it does deliver growth.
It doesn’t deliver the growth it promises. I believe John Collins has been a little lose with the facts. You ain’t gonna ever get 3-4 inches of enlargement with this product. It’s just something that you shouldn’t expect.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a salesman wrote the copy on the site. And that’s ok, except for the fact that the growth you’ll see (while good) isn’t as excellent as they claim.

Do I recommend the Penis Enlargement Bible?

Listen, it does make your penis bigger. When I saw that I’d grown by an inch in 6 months I was over the moon. It was a time where this type of do it yourself product simply didn’t work. Yet, along came a product that did. It was this one. And I finished using it an inch bigger than when I started using it.

But now I seriously advise guys to use Penis Enlargement Remedy instead. Why would you use a product when another one, for exactly the same cost delivers better results?

It’s silly. It’s like paying $20 for half a lobster when someone else pays $20 and gets a whole lobster. May as well buy the whole lobster, right?

And you might as well buy the PE Remedy instead of this. Because you’re not just getting decent growth with that, you’ll get the best growth you can from a standalone product.

Also, this was the first guide as part of the penis enlargement Holy Trinity stack that we created. And it elevated growth when using that. However. it was the 2nd most important product there. The water pump was the most important. These days, PE Remedy is the most important product in the new, improved Holy Trinity.

So this is a good product and it deserves 3.5 stars from me.

You can visit the Penis Enlargement Bible site here...
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