This is the newest product that we’ve found for the enlargement guides that we recommend. Because of that, we have tested it with 580 people so far. By all means a good number and something that will give us a great guide as to what works best.

We did find that after people have found and used the Penis Enlargement Remedy, this product wasn’t as easy to get a huge amount of testers for. The reason for that is the power and effectiveness of the Penis Enlargement Remedy. We’ve had emails about that other product where people have told us they’ve reached their size goals, so they aren’t interested in getting bigger.

Now, that’s cool. It’s great. All it meant is that fewer people tried this one.

However, we tested the PE Supersizer as soon as it came out. It appears to be in the mould of PE Bible. Yet, it’s built on that system and the results we’ve seen are more encouraging than the PE Bible itself.

That’s why we’ve given this system a 4 star review. It’s not as good as the Remedy, but it’s significantly better than the Bible. If someone is interested in trying a new enlargement system that is not the Remedy, then this is the guide I’d recommend.

If someone wants anything to increase their penis size from home, without having to use implements - pumps, extenders, etc. - then I’d recommend the Remedy every single day of the week. And the reasoning behind that is not just the results that the team at saw, but more because of the detailed, thorough test results that we saw with the 2,230 men who did that test for us.

Those results are below and they really do the talking for us. They are the tool we use to measure our review scores for PE Supersizer and all our products. And there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when we test the products like this.

Now, lets take a deeper look at the results that this system delivers…

These results were delivered in early 2016. And I believe that they’re an enhancement of the PE Bible formula and results. They edge it because of the size gains. On top of that, this product is also very strong with improving sexual function.

Before this product we’d tried 17 enlargement guides; only 2 of which worked. So our thoughts were that this would be another failure. As you may know, we always test products ourselves (just the core team) before we ever embark on an experiment with the guys on our 80k+ mailing list.

This is to ensure that we don’t waste their time, efforts and money with products that don’t work. We take the privilege of being the best, biggest and only honest review site very seriously. We’d never waste your time on products that haven’t been shown to deliver results for all 4 of us here, and then the men who were happy to spend their resources on testing them for the greater good.

Yes, we expected a failure. What we got was a good success. The PE Supersizer is similar to the PE Bible in the way it operates. So as soon as we read through it we thought two things. First, this looks like it will work. Second, it would be about the same quality (in terms of size gains) as the PE Bible.

So we were very pleased when the results were even better than the Bible. Then the question that ran through our mind was whether this product could, in fact, beat the Penis Enlargement Remedy. And our team of 4 was split. Two of us said it might be as good and two of us said that ain’t gonna happen.
I’m guessing you already know the result of that. It didn’t happen. There is something about Tom Candow’s stem cell system found in the “Remedy” that makes it the king. But the Supersizer did convincingly beat the “Bible” even though it fell short of being the best by a significant margin.
And, as these three products are all the same price, I’d say that they are completely, 100%, directly comparable. So it becomes a breeze to figure out which one to pick first. (“Remedy” obviously.)

Anyhow, let’s delve into the PE Supersizer and see why it is such a strong new product in the marketplace.

How Many People Tried PE Supersizer

We saw 580 men complete this experiment. And two of us guessed that this could be the best product after 6 months of use (beating the Penis Enlargement Remedy, which gained 1.62 inches of length and 0.64 inches of girth, on average). The other two felt it would be about the same as the PE Bible (which, you’ll remember, got 1.1 inches of length gains and 0.33 inches of girth gains on average.)

The reality is that this product is somewhere in the middle. Better than the Bible (I believe it’s an improvement on the foundations that the Bible laid out.) Not as good as the Remedy. (Nothing beats stem cell growth. That much is clear.)

So given that we were all wrong on the expected growth people would experience on this product, let’s see just how much growth it really cause for the 580 men who tried it…

6 Month Results Using PE Supersizer

The results were in and by this point (as we’d already tested it on ourselves) we all came around to thinking this would be a “Bible-esque” product. However, we were mildly impressed when the results came. It is roundly and convincingly better.

The results that we got back meant that this was clearly the 2nd best DIY system in both size metrics. It immediately stole the second place spot from the PE Bible.

Average Size Gains on PE Supersizer

The product managed to deliver an average penis length increase of 1.31 inches and a girth increase of 0.39 inches. These are strong numbers.

If we compare it to the PE Bible, you see an average improvement of:

0.21 inches better than the “Bible” for penis length

0.06 inches better for penis girth

As far as we’re concerned, that makes it a superior product in virtually every way. And then we ran the numbers against the Penis Enlargement Remedy:

0.31 inches worse than the “Remedy” for penis length

0.25 inches worse for penis girth

So, as you can see, this is clearly an excellent product for growing your penis at home. However, it doesn’t match the Remedy in either length or girth increases.

Having said all that, many men would be happy with a 1.31 inch increase in penis length and a 0.39 inch increase in penis girth.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using PE Supersizer

When we look at the month on month breakdown of growth for the PE Supersizer, we see a similar pattern to pills and the Bible. It starts off slowly, then growth peaks in months 4 and 5. And then the growth slows down in month 6.

We’ve seen this in all the penis pills that we’ve shown to work, too. It appears with these products there isn’t what I’d term compound growth. By compound growth I mean growth on the newly enlarged penis cells. (That compound growth is seen in the PE Remedy, and it’s what makes that product so effective. It’s like a snowball.)

Compare the side-by-side month-on-month growth with the Remedy and it actually beats it by 0.01 inches in month 4 - the only time it beats it.

Month 4 saw an average 0.31 inches in growth. And the peak growth was in month 5, which delivered 0.34 inches of growth.
That’s truly fantastic for a single month of growth. Obviously this is standing on the foundations laid in the previous months.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using PE Supersizer

With the penis girth increases, there were two months that gained the best results. These were months 4 and 5, which each saw a girth increase of 0.09 inches on average. The Bible’s best was 0.08 inches in month 5. The Remedy saw 0.17 inches of girth growth in month 6 and 0.15 inches in month 5. This is because of the compound growth that you can get with stem cell growth that you don’t get with the PE Supersizer.

Let’s see the worst and best few results that people got from using this product. What we can safely assume is that you will fall somewhere between these. We hope you get higher than average growth, but that remains to be seen.

Average Overall Growth Using Penis Enlargement Remedy - Results!

PE Supersizer

We tested PE Supersizer with 2,230 men.

We rate it as the #2 enlargement program on the market.

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Worst Performing Growth

16 people saw a length increase of under 0.5 inches in penis length. Furthermore, 3 people didn’t gain over 0.25 inches. This is similar to the PE Bible, where some people struggled to get many decent gains.

In terms of girth, 15 men failed to gain more than 0.1 inches in girth.

Best Performing Growth

When we looked at the best performing results from this product, we saw that 10 men gained over 2 inches in length, so this can work very well.

7 men saw girth gains of over 0.5 inches.

Sexual Function Results

The effect of the PE Supersizer on your sexual function is positive. 56% said that their sexual wellbeing improved significantly. 38% said that their refractory time between orgasms was significantly reduced.

This product probably suits men who want to gain a good chunk of size but don’t want huge gains. And men who want to amp up that sexual function. If you’re looking for something that adds under 2 inches and increases your sexual power significantly then this may be the DIY product for you.

Reported Side Effects of Taking PE Supersizer

We found that 3 men didn’t like taking the supplements recommended in the PE Supersizer. The natural herb supplements made these men feel jittery and on edge.

Other than that, there were no reports of negative effects from using this system.

Is PE Supersizer Safe To Use?

It appears that the PE Supersizer is safe to use. It delivers results. We found very few problems with following the guide.

Whats In The PE Supersizer Guide?

This system is similar to the PE Bible. You do have to perform exercises. However, this is when you fully load up the body with the supplements that they suggest.

All three of the DIY system that we have reviewed and published follow this formula of loading up your body with supplements that affect size and then performing exercises to increase the size.

This one uses a mix of herbs to boost testosterone and to increase your levels of hGH (Human Growth Hormone) in your body. Then, when you do the exercises, you speed up the growth. It’s the simplicity of that method that seems to make these products work. Of course, hGH isn’t as effective as loading up your body with stem cells, but it works.

NOTE: Anyone who competes in sports professionally should consider ducking this product as it may look like you’re supplementing to increase sports performance.

How Much Does PE Supersizer Cost?

It costs $47.

How Long Should I Use PE Supersizer For?

Best results are seen in month 5. So at least for that long. Unless you reach your goal size, then you can stop with the growth part and just enjoy the benefits of improved virility.

What’s the Deal with Delivery?

This is a direct download, delivered straight to your email inbox. Again, like the other products, if you need to be stealthy, you can create a new email address to get this delivered to. That way you leave no footprint.

Was The PE Supersizer Package Discreet?

100%. It’s an email, after all.

Are There PE Supersizer Before & After Photos?

We haven’t seen any before and after pics for this product.

How do I order PE Supersizer?

Simply visit this site to get your copy of the PE Supersizer now

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Or, look at our reviews of Penis Enlargement Remedy or PE Bible here...

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