Results of Penis Enlargement Remedy

We reviewed Penis Enlargement Remedy as soon as it came out. It has since gained an ever-growing, ever more vocal support because of the results that it delivers. Is it the most popular penis enlarging system out there? No, it’s not…

… But it should be…

As soon as the team here tested this product, we realized that we had a winner on our hands. PE Remedy was released in 2014 and it’s gaining traction to a great degree. The reason for that is because men are talking about it, sharing it and seeing the best size gains in a penis enlargement system that we’ve ever seen.

And, boy, have we seen it. Not just personally, but in the test that we conducted with this incredible product. If people choose just one starter product to get a bigger penis, we’d say that PE Remedy is it.

As you’ll see below, the size that you can gain from this product alone is very good. However, if you’re a win-at-all-costs kinda guy - if you truly want the best size gains possible - then this is the key component to the Holy Trinity penis enlargement stack.

So, just to be totally clear, if you want to get the biggest, fastest size gains possible, then you need to get this and the other Holy Trinity products and use them in tandem.

However, first we did a standalone test… That’s using the Penis Enlargement Remedy (here) without anything else. And I’m about to outline the results below.

How Many People Took Part In The Penis Enlargement Remedy Test

When we tested this product on ourselves, we realized we had something very strong. And when we told our 80k+ tribe of readers, testers and self-improvers, we saw the biggest "launch" response we’ve ever had. We outlined that this was a new product, why it looked so good (clue: the key is in the stem cell part of it), what our results were and then the response we got was crazy.

Within 3 days we had 2,230 men commit to trying the "Remedy". And we took bets amongst ourselves about what the average growth would be. Bear in mind, we’re very experienced guys when it comes to male enhancement and the results it causes. We had estimates from 1.2 inches to 1.5 inches - and we thought that would be impressive. Instead what we got was something even better.

Let’s get to the results right now, so you can see how this product could enhance your penis size and dramatically improve your life.

6 Month Results Using Penis Enlargement Remedy

We looked at the results for 6 months of growth and originally we spent a whole day redoing the data, because we didn’t think the results we were seeing was right. We thought it was so effective that we’d made a mistake!

Of the 2,230 men who used this product for 6 months, the results were in and they were correct. We’d got it right the first time, it turns out… And the results were quite stunning…

Let’s look at the penis size results that these men experienced using the Penis Enlargement Remedy.

Average Size Gains on Penis Enlargement Remedy

The average penis size gains were 1.62 inches in penis length and 0.64 inches in penis girth. This took place after 6 months of using the Penis Enlargement Remedy system.

We really were shocked by this, because it’s significantly better than the PE Bible (0.42 inches, to be exact.) And that’s why we checked and rechecked the results. And with such a decent dataset, 2,230 men, we realized that we actually have a penis enlargement winner on our hands.

And the thing that struck us most was that this growth wasn’t just based on penis length gains. It also spilled over into a penis girth increase too. The numbers don’t lie and the 0.64 inches in penis girth makes a very significant difference to the quality of sex you can deliver to a lady in your life.

I mean, with this product alone, you can expect your sexual reputation to fly through the roof. And in just 6 months time, you could be lauded as an incredible lover by women who hear about your skill and that great feeling that you deliver in the bedroom. And that, there, is the key to why this is so worth it.

In a second, we’ll talk about what makes it so darn effective. Yup, we’ll dig into why stem cells really make a huge difference with getting a bigger penis. But first, let’s look at the month-on-month gains in both length and girth, so you can get a better understanding of how good this system could be for you and your penis…

Average Month-on-Month Penis Length Growth Using Penis Enlargement Remedy

Here’s the most interesting part about using this product. The month-on-month growth builds up growth. With penis pills, we see that there is a level - generally months 4 and 5 - where growth seems to peak. But that’s not the way with Penis Enlargement Remedy. Instead, what you see is a constant building of enlargement.

That said, it’s a slow starter. It takes a 6-10 weeks for your body to be "primed" with enough stem cell production. We are not sure what affects that lag-time. We looked at age, weight and general health as possibilities. However, once people were primed with all the right biochemicals, virtually everyone saw impressive growth.

Now, let’s look at the penis length improvements, from month to month. The most impressive growth spurt was in month 6, which saw a 0.44 inch increase, in one month. (Please don’t think this is possible in the first month. It’s just not going to happen there. However, if you follow the system step-by-precious-step then you will reach that kind of growth in 30 days.)

The second best month was a 0.36 inch growth. That was month 5. And even month 4 was 0.3 inches of growth.

In 6 months men saw increases of 1.62 inches. That’s pretty close to being insane. And that is why PE Remedy comes so highly recommended.

Average Month-on-Month Penis Girth Growth Using Penis Enlargement Remedy

We saw similar trends on penis girth too. The biggest month of girth growth was in month 6, with an impressive 0.17 inches added to girth size. There was a steady growth all the way through, gradually increasing. Month 5 was the second best with 0.15 inches of girth growth on average. And month 4 was the third best performing, with 0.14 inches of girth.

The final girth gains in 6 month were the best we have seen for a standalone product at 0.64 inches.

This makes a huge difference in how good your penis feels for a woman during sex.

Girth is the best way to improve how good you feel to a woman during sex. A woman’s vagina can only be so deep. However, it’s stretchy. Think of child-birth! So improving your penis girth is the best way to blow her mind when you’re having sex.

That’s why girth should be something to really aim for when you look at increasing your penis size. It’s the one metric that can make her say "OhMyGODDD!" when you’re inside her.

Length may look more impressive, but girth definitely feels more impressive. Luckily, this product delivers on both strong length and strong girth increases.

Average Overall Growth Using Penis Enlargement Remedy - Results!

Penis Enlargement Remedy

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Worst Performing Growth

25 people (just over 1%) performed far below expectations, gaining just 0.75 inches of length growth in 6 months.

A further 38 people (1.7%) failed to gain more than 0.2 inches in penis girth.

Best Performing Growth

When we look at the best performing growth, the indicators show that if you keep up with this product for 6 months, you can see truly life-changing growth.

The top 2% (44 men) all achieved gains of over 3 inches in penis length. And 42 achieved over 1.5 inches in girth increases. These results are incredible and obviously rare. But as we’ve witnessed, they are possible.

Sexual Function Results

Penis Enlargement Remedy is dominated by its desire to cause growth rather than to improve sexual function. However, in part, the two go hand-in-hand. So there were some improvements of male sexual function. It wasn’t extraordinary. But then again, most men would choose growth over sexual function when they’re buying something to do with penis enlargement.

General sexual wellbeing improved by 40% and 27% of men said that their refractory time between orgasms was significantly reduced.

We didn’t ask men whether they would use this product purely for an improvement of sexual function. It seemed silly to when the reason for using this is pure penis growth. And that’s what it delivers.

If all you want is increased sexual function and you’re not interested in gaining any size then this product probably isn’t the right one for you…

Reported Side Effects of Taking Penis Enlargement Remedy

We had one report of elevated blood sugar from using the PE Remedy.

Is Penis Enlargement Remedy Safe To Use?

With one report of negative side effects, it appears that PE Remedy is safe to use over a 6 month period. We always recommend that you consult your doctor though, as always.

What’s In The Penis Enlargement Remedy Guide?

The system outlines the power of using stem cells to create a bigger penis. Stem cells are the cells that can turn into any type of cell in the body. That includes penile tissue. So what the system does is to load your body up with stem cells (which takes a bit of time) while getting as much stem cell-rich blood into your penis.

This results in growth of your girth and your length. As with all the penis enlargement programs, you’re required to do a small amount of penis exercises. With this product, that process is short because once you get the stem cells to the penis, they set to work to create and repair penis tissue fast, which leads to fast, effective, safe growth; without having to spend hours a day doing boring penis exercises.

Cool, huh?!

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Remedy Cost?

As is the standard with this type of product, you can get it for $47. For the PE Bible, that seems like an ok amount. For the PE Supersizer it seems like a good price. Yet, for the Penis Enlargement Remedy, that’s a steal!

How Long Should I Use Penis Enlargement Remedy For?

Use the Remedy for as long as you wish. However, stop using it when you’re about 0.25 inches from your desired length or girth. Naturally, in that scenario, you’ll get residual growth without any effort.


Because, as it can take at least 6 weeks to load the body up with stem cells that cause enlargement, it also takes about as many weeks for your stem cell levels to drop back to normal. And remember, results with this product are permanent. You don’t want to be far bigger than you aimed to be, because there is no going back once it’s done.

What’s the Deal with Delivery?

Delivery is direct to your email account. It’s instant. This means that you can hide the information - there is no paper trail (literally). And it means that you don’t have to wait until you can start learning the secrets.

Best yet, delivery is 100% free, obviously.

Was The Penis Enlargement Remedy Delivery Discreet?

Yes, direct to any email of your choosing. It couldn’t be more discreet, in fact.

Penis Enlargement Remedy - How Long To See Results?

For results, you need to 4 months until something groundbreaking happens. It starts off slowly. However, after that compound growth takes place. This is what everyone wants to happen.

Are There Penis Enlargement Remedy Before & After Photos?

Yes, there are.

How do I order Penis Enlargement Remedy?

Simply visit this site to get your copy of the Penis Enlargement Remedy now

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Harry’s Review of Penis Enlargement Remedy

Now, listen, here’s the thing… I wasn’t too excited about reviewing Penis Enlargement Remedy. I read about it and thought, "this is far-out. Stem cells? Really?" But I did it because of this site. And I expected to get a low level of growth at a maximum. I thought it would be based on the PE Bible (here) but it’s so much better than that. This single program offers the best returns that you’ll get for huge growth.

Now, before we get into my Penis Enlargement Remedy review, you should know that this program became such a winner that we had to scramble to redefine our penis enlargement Holy Trinity stack. We had used PE Bible before (although when we used that, it was the second most important component of the stack) and we replaced it with this product. And the weird part is that it wasn’t the second most important component of the new stack. It became the most important part. The results just blew our minds.

With that said, we recommend the Penis Enlargement Remedy as the best single-shot solution to male enhancement. We also discovered how to make our Holy Trinity way more powerful than we’d ever seen before. And for that, we owe Tom Candow a hell of a lot of credit.

First Thoughts On Penis Enlargement Remedy

So, my journey with this product started with carefully reading what they said the book would deliver. I read those pages about 4 or 5 times, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

It sounded good. If I’m honest, a little too good. And, to top that off, at the time this product was selling for a price I agree with - $150. (It’s cheaper for the time being. See below.)

Anyhow, I then grabbed my notebook and noted the whole thing. It slowly dawned on me, while I was reading through, that this stem cell system could actually work. And so I set about making the next steps to test it.

First Months On Penis Enlargement Remedy

This is where I started to doubt it. I knew that if this relies on stem cells to grow then I needed to take the exact steps inside the guide to make this work. I was getting impatient. However, I’ve done a ton of tests over the years and I knew that patience was important to deliver a proper result.

I’d been so excited about stem cell growth, after reading the system itself that I was looking for results and thinking about them all day.

That’s a wrong move. So I had a little talk with myself and decided to try to forget about it, except for the 10 minutes a day that it took up my time.

Then it happened…

Penis Enlargement Remedy Growth

Penis Enlargement Remedy caused growth. I gained 0.3 inches in month 3 alone. This was after a slow start, but now my body was fully loaded with everything I needed to make stem cell growth possible.

This system is like a snowball that you keep rolling down a hill. It gets velocity.

By velocity, I mean the growth kept getting bigger and bigger. Now, I know that that isn’t unusual. If you look at our test above you see the exact same thing. But, and here’s the weird part, I hadn’t had that before.

For the first time in testing these products I made my 3 month test a 6 month test. I wanted more… And I got it…

Let’s look at my results from the Penis Enlargement Remedy:

I saw growth of 1.74 inches on my length and 0.6 inches in girth, in just 6 months. I actually exceeded the growth that I was aiming for on this product by 0.2 inches. (Don’t worry, I don’t mind!) But I had to complete the test, so I did.

That level of growth is phenomenal. At this point, the team here were getting excited. We thought that this was impossible, incredible etc.

And we all saw the similar level of results that I found. And they have been shown to be the same level of results as most of the guys who tested this for us above saw…

An important question springs to mind. Why the price drop?

We got this for $150. Why did they bother to make it lower? I managed to get Mr. Candow on the phone to ask him why the price is lower. His reasoning is simple. Here’s what he said; "When we bought PE REMEDY out we understood the power of this stem cell system. Guys were elated about their results. Word spread about it. We got more interest. Then we realized that this is really making a difference in men’s lives. So we decided to make it $47 for now. For some, that barrier of $150 was too high. We’re not elitist. We don’t think only the better off should benefit. We lowered it because of that."

So Tom decided that he wanted to get this into as many hands as possible. I commend him for that attitude. It’s rare in this weird world.

Review Summary

I’m guessing that you get the picture already. This isn’t merely good. This is great. It turns out that the results that Tom claims on his website aren’t as overblown as I first thought.

I’m quite sure he cherry-picked some of the best results to show the power of his system. But, hey, when something works that well then getting the best case studies in from of people isn’t so bad. So I give this a 4.5 star rating.

For $47 you get some of the best results we’ve recorded. And I recommend that anyone who wants to try enlarging their penis should get this, before they have to shell out $103 if they decide to increase the price.

Why Only 4.5 Stars Then?

This product only gets 4.5 stars because there is a single better (and admittedly more expensive) way to increase your size even faster. And that is the enhancing Holy Trinity stack.

As you may have already figured, the Trinity includes this product, because it’s such a good foundation for growth.

You can visit the Penis Enlargement Remedy site here, and learn more about the Holy Trinity here…
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Holy Trinity - Our Only Ever 5 Star Rating

If you're serious about getting bigger, Penis Enlargement Remedy works best as part of the Holy Trinity penis enlargement stack. We've tested it and the results are in. See for yourself now...